3/21/2009 09:31:00 AM


I just love geocaching. There is something about it for me that makes me so happy.
Geocaching is great because I can get outside, be taken to places that I may never have discovered before, take photos, get a workout, and spend time with friends and family.
What a great pastime!

This past weekend I went out on a cache run with my dad. Dad has been bugging me to take him along. He wanted to see what geocahing was all about. We ended up logging five caches on the day, not too many, but we had a great time. Dad had a lot of fun so it sounds like I will have someone to cache with once in awhile too. :-)

Yesterday, I was up before the sun to take some photographs along the river. While driving to my desired location, I saw a small driveway that looked like it lead towards the river bank. I took the small road and ended up in a secluded little spot just off a main highway. I must have driven past the place a hundred times but never noticed it before.

The spot was great. I could get right up to the river's edge and got some great photos of some geese, ducks, and some other birds that were hanging around. The small area has some nice tree cover as well so the birds could not see me.

As I was walking back to the car, I happened to look up at a Cedar tree and noticed a small container jammed into a crook in the tree. After closer inspection it turned out to be a geocache. Definitely a first for me. I have never accidentally stumbled upon a geocache. I signed the log and added it to my finds on geocaching.com

The last two weekends have been great so far. It's supposed to warm up today as well. Hopefully I will get some more soon!


C. Louis Wolfe said...

GC is quite fun! A friend recently turned me on to it. She showed me a secret place in one of the parks in the town where I live. Hidden on a tree was a scroll you could sign to show you found it- I'd like to try some more of this whole GC thing.